I use these high heat gloves at the BBQ and in the kitchen

These gloves are fantastic for the BBQ.

I picked up this pair of gloves so I could more easily remove chicken, ribs and brisket from my smoker. It made no sense to spend 12+ hours on a brisket and then scar the hard earned bark with tongs, and I've found they help with everything else.

Smoking at 'slow and low' temperatures, these gloves make no issue of reaching in and taking whatever i want off the grill or reposition stuff during a long cook.

When baking pizzas at 700F, it is also nice to have use these gloves to handle the peel. A lot of heat pours out of the opening on the pizza oven.

I find myself going for the gloves in the kitchen as well. While a bit less convenient than my normal pot-holders, I find gloves a lot less clumsy. Moving heavy and hot dutch ovens and cast iron pans in and of the oven benefits from having independent use of my fingers.

Homemaxs BBQ Gloves 1472℉ Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves, Food Grade Kitchen Oven Mitts, Silicone Non-Slip Cooking Gloves via Amazon