Woman convinced husband he had Alzheimer's so he wouldn't realize she was stealing all their money

Donna Marino, 63, of West Haven, Connecticut allegedly stole $600,000 over 20 years from her husband. How? She convinced him that he had Alzheimer's. After getting caught by her husband's adult daughter, Marino reportedly admitted to police that she had been putting his retirement checks in someone else's account, had pawned some of his stuff, and used money to help relatives. She's been charged with first-degree larceny and third-degree forgery. From the New Haven Register:

"Donna explained when (her husband) wanted to go inside the bank to make a transaction, she told him the last time he went inside he made a scene due to his Alzheimer's Disease, causing (him) not to go inside to avoid embarrassment," [said Sgt. Gregory Borer in an affidavit].

"Donna explained she fabricated this scenario to prevent (her husband) from going inside the bank and discovering the low balance in their accounts," the affidavit says.

image: Ollyy/Shutterstock.com