DeSantis press secretary fooled by funny fake screenshot of Washington Post "Homophobic Dog" story

Chuck posted a photoshopped screenshot of a nonexistent Washington Post story about a "homophobic dog," adeptly blending a current meme with the sort of story that really winds up right wingers. Though it's obviously a joke to anyone paying attention to media, Christina Pushaw, press secretary of Florida governor Ron DeSantis and an avowed enemy of "fake news", fell for it. Hard.

After making a fool of herself—Pushaw insists that she is the one making a joke, reports the Miami New Times—posters from left and right alike lined up to ridicule her, with Lorentz herself getting in the biggest laugh: "Get me to 500k followers and I'll actually write this article."

There is a gnostic quality to it all, isn't there? To such profoundly, obviously stupid people winning.