Someone animated Star Trek: Voyager and it rocks

As a franchise, I feel like no series has evolved as much as Star Trek. Even though the show's core premise hasn't changed, the settings, characters, and presentation have altered with the eras without causing the show to lose its appeal. Barring a few similarities, tonally, 60's Trek feels nothing like 80s Trek. And while Deep Space Nine resembles elements of The Next Generation's tone, the protagonist and style of the spin-off place it in a completely different territory than its predecessor. However, of all the pieces of Star Trek media, nothing feels as unique as the animated series of the 70s. 

Helping to keep the series afloat while simultaneously attracting a new generation of fans, Star Trek: The animated series retained the voice actors and setting of the original series but carried an element of camp that often exceeds its progenitor. The team at Gazelle Automations' YouTube channel already made an animated homage to Next Generation, and now they've turned their sights on Voyager in the abovementioned clip.