Tucker Carlson says if you can't "hunt down" women, sex is no fun

Openly misogynistic Tucker Carlson, who recently blamed mass shootings on nagging women, says it's no fun to have sex if you can't "hunt down" women — and the hunt has been ruined by feminists. (See video below.)

"Men are programmed to want to hunt down and pursue women, of course, but that's the pleasure," said Fox's Alpha Trumpanzee, who has warned his fellow chimps that Covid will weaken and thus "feminize" them.

"Having sex with strangers is never that fun … you're too drunk anyway," he said, who apparently can't get it on without his liquid courage.

"First of all, it's super easy, so it's not an achievement at all, because feminism has convinced women they have to be like men," Carlson continued, furious at the thought of a woman who owns her sexuality rather than being shamed into having sex.

"It's all so unbelievably fucked up, it's hard to believe it's actually real," he said, taking the words right out of my mouth every time I hear him speak.