Biden launches 'Dark Brandon' meme merch with re-election campaign; plus 404 page Easter egg

With Joe Biden announcing his 2024 re-election campaign, the Biden-Harris official store introduced new merch, including a "Dark Brandon" tee-shirt and mug—which feature the president with red glowing eyes.

Here's a recap of how we got here.

Now, you might remember, the "Dark Brandon" meme was originally a response to the conservative's anti-Biden chant "Let's Go Brandon." The original phrase started in 2021 when an interviewer misheard a crowd chanting "f*** Joe Biden" during a NASCAR interview with Brandon Brown.

Liberals co-opted the name Brandon as a positive thing, creating the "Dark Brandon" meme. This meme portrays President Biden as a ruthless left-wing partisan who shows no mercy. Now, the president's campaign has embraced the meme and is offering "Dark Brandon" merch on its official website. "Dark Brandon" also shows up on the 404 error page: give it a try.