"Stuck on My Teefs" celebrates those glorious moments when your dog gets its lip stuck on its teeth

I laugh every time my dog, Henry Rollins, gets his lip stuck on his teeth, so I'm delighted that I now have a theme song I can sing to Henry the next time it happens, thanks to my recent discovery, "Stuck on My Teefs." The song is just one of many sweet and funny songs by musician Matt Hobbs, who created "Puppy Songs." He explains its origins on his website:

When the 2020 pandemic shut down the live entertainment world, Matt found himself at home with his two pups (Leni and Marley) singing silly songs to them all day (like usual). 

Matt began experimenting with creating fully-produced versions of these short, silly songs – and posting them on Instagram on TikTok. Before long, many of the songs saw rapid viral growth, and Puppy Songs was born!

"I've heard it said that novelists often write the books they wanted to read, but they couldn't find in the wild. That's how Puppy Pongs are for me. I wanted a mega dose of things that make me feel happy: fun songs and dogs – so I decided to start making Puppy Songs to fill that need for me. I'm so fortunate to have found a community of folks who enjoy the tunes as well!" 

The catchy song has been featured in a lot of adorable Instagram videos, but I think this one, featuring Teddy the Golden Retriever (and his human, Johnathan), who we've featured before, does it best. Enjoy! 

Go listen to all of the puppy songs, here! And for more Johnathan and Teddy, check out their Instagram.