Watch this fun nail-filing hack after doggo refuses to get them clipped (video)

An older rescue Dachshund was skittish about getting her nails trimmed, a routine she didn't have the privilege of learning as a pup. Even the pet groomers had a hard time with it, according to Newsweek. So her human buddy came up with a simple — and inexpensive — DIY solution.

By placing treats under a clipboard that holds a sheet of sandpaper, she taught her pooch to scratch the "ruff" surface as if she's digging for a bone. (And yes, in the comments she said she's aware of making sure the dog doesn't scratch her paw pads.)

After a few moments, the doggo gets her treat — and walks away with a freshly filed manicure (at least for the front legs, anyway). See video below, posted by _kirbythedog_.