Watch Sub-Radio's "Pride Parade," also known as"You're Scaring Ron (DeSantis)"

Here's an awesome version of My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade"—it's called "Pride Parade" and is performed by Sub-Radio, the same pop-punk band that treated us to "Stacy's Dad," "Mr. Darkside," and "Pop-Punk Mario." 

The Phoenix New Times describes Washington, D.C.-based Sub-Radio:

Channeling the polished synth/emo sound of groups like Panic! At The Disco and The Killers, Sub-Radio sounds tight and polished on songs like "Disco." Buoyed by Adam Bradley's helium-spiked vocals and Matt Prodanovich's chicken-scratch guitar sound, Sub-Radio makes music that's ready for the dance floor and the radio. 

The band posted "Pride Parade" on their Twitter, with this text:

Send this to your Pride +1. definitely do NOT send this to @RonDeSantis

The song is great, and has these terrific lyrics about participating in a pride parade:

When I was in college,

My roommate took me into the city,

The hottest day in June.

He said, "Bro when we grow up, would you be a fire eating drag queen, a cop with assless chaps?"  

He said, "Will you defeat them, the fascists, the bigots and the assholes, the plans that they have made?"

"Because one day, I'll leave you a crop top and several bags of glitter, to join the Pride Parade."

The song culminates in the chorus:

At pride I get the feeling he's watching over me. 

I kinda feel like he should let it go.

And through it all the bathroom stalls, the bodies in the streets, 

And when you go, 

We want you all to know:

You're scaring Ron. 

You're scaring Ron.

And though you're just a kid,

Believe me,

Your neon hair is scaring Ron.

You're scaring Ron.

And in my heart, I can't control it

This month let's fucking own it!

Poor Ron, he's such a snowflake.

The only problem with the song is that it ends too early—I looked and looked and couldn't find the full version. If anyone finds it, can you let me know?

And if you want to see Sub-Radio live, they're currently on tour!