Police search house for screaming woman, but find a very loud parrot instead (video)

Police rushed to a home in Essex, England after someone called to report the sounds of a screaming woman. But when they got there, all they found was a very excited parrot.

The high-pitched squawking didn't phase 54-year-old Steve Woods, who keeps 22 pet parrots at his house, so when police showed up he slightly panicked, wondering what he did wrong. But soon enough he and the police had a good chuckle over the ruffled feathers. Woods explained that, although all of his birds are lively in the morning, his 3-year-old Freddie has been "particularly hormonal" as of late. (See his video below, reposted by LiverpoolWorld.)

From UPI:

Steve Wood, 54, who detailed the incident in a video he posted to social media, said he was initially confused when police showed up at his Canvey Island home.

"I thought, 'Oh my god, what have I done?'" Wood told BBC Essex. "I opened the door to two laughing police officers and they said, 'Don't worry mate, I think we've got this one sussed.'"

The officers explained they had received a report of a screaming woman, but when they arrived on Wood's property it immediately became clear that the sound was actually the squawking of one of Wood's 22 pet parrots. …

"I'm just surprised it hasn't happened previously," he said of the police visit.