Chihuahua who sees other doggos having fun scales tall fence in 12 seconds flat

A nimble pup isn't going to let a chain link fence keep him from his frisky canine buddies waiting on the other side. Watch how this determined Chihuahua scales the metal barrier in 12 seconds flat before leaping into the more exciting area of the patio (see video below, posted by @carlosalbertoga355).

And it's not his first time posing as "Spider Dog," as his commenters call him. In fact, he's been sprinting over the fence like this "15 times a day" for the last three years, according to his human in the comments. And as the ol' saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Why the fence hasn't been pooch-proofed – and why they don't just let the little guy hang with the rest of the doggo gang in the first place — remains a mystery.

Via Newsweek
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