Doggo does excited "chompies" after eating deliciously lip-smacking food (video)

Like most dogs, a golden retriever named Liby will eat just about anything, but there's no denying which foods are her favorites —the adorable doggo lets everyone know with amusing air chomps.

For instance, give her greens and after snarfing them down she will look up with an unimpressed, blank expression, waiting for something yummier to eat. (See first video below, posted by casstrainpups.)

But give her something flavorful, like, say, a carrot, and you'll be rewarded with a comically long, loud round of rapid-fire air chomps, or "chompies" as they say, which is obviously doglish for "Damn that was good!" (See second video below.)

As her human says in the the TikTok comments, "She'll eat anything, but she wont chomp for everything."

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