This Golden Retriever cannot stop breaking into his neighbor's pool to go swimming

Golden Retrievers sure do like water! On the heels of this news about a Golden named Freddie who refused to get out of the pool comes this video of another Golden seemingly addicted to swimming.

Meet Zeppole, a hilarious and determined Golden Retriever who insists on jumping the fence separating his house and his neighbor's house, every morning at 6 am, to swim in the neighbor's pool. No matter how much Zeppole's human tries to dissuade him—including putting obstacles in front of the fence in order to stop him—Zeppole finds a way to make it to his favorite swimming spot. He absolutely loves the neighbor's pool!

Zeppole is adorable—how could anyone stay mad at that face? In the end, his human gives in and even enlists the help of their generous neighbors to throw Zepp and his doggie friends a magnificent pool party before the pool is shut down for the winter. I'm sure Zepp is anxiously awaiting next summer's pool re-opening!

Zeppole lives in New Jersey and is described on his TikTok as "your favorite pool trespasser." On Instagram his likes are listed as: "water, elevated surfaces, firemen/women." His dislikes?—"being told 'no'"—of course! Good thing he's so cute!