New GOP pick for speaker pushed to overturn 2020 election, opposes abortion and gay marriage, wants prayer in public schools

The GOP's latest pick for Speaker of the House is Mike Johnson (R-LA). He looks great on paper, especially the paper he filed with the Supreme Court in 2020, asking the Supreme Court to overturn the Presidential election and install Kandy Korn Kaligula as god-emperor of the Divine Republic of Gilead.

In Dec 2020, Johnson xitted, "Proud to lead over 100 of my colleagues in filing an amicus brief to express our concern with the integrity of the 2020 election–& our election system in the future. We believe this suit filed by Texas, supported by 17 other states, merits full & careful consideration by SCOTUS."

No wonder the GOP loves Johnson. He may be a glasses-wearing nerd and a former university professor, but he can worship Trump as well as any parking-lot MAGA cultist.

Here's Davis' political positions (summarized from Wikipedia):

  • Immigration: back President Trump's 2017 executive order to prohibit immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries
  • Abortion: pro-life and supports abortion-prohibiting legislation
  • Cannabis: considers medical marijuana a "gateway drug"
  • Donald Trump: staunch Trump supporter, defended him during impeachment
  • LGBT Rights: opposes nationwide same-sex marriage and gender identity discussions
  • Government-Sponsored School Prayer: advocates for student-led prayer in public schools

When CNN asked former Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger about Davis, he said, "The guy started out fairly normally and then went really deep into Trump when he realized that's what it took to get reelected."

I think Kinzinger is right. He just mixed up who is deep into whom.