Shopkeeper uses "man catcher" Samurai weapon to fend off three robbers (video)

On Sunday evening, three men wielding crowbars attempted to rob a precious metals shop in Tokyo's Ueno district. They weren't prepared for the employee's expertise with a "man catcher," an old timey pole weapon with two prongs on the end used to… catch men. Check out the wild scene below.

Clutching their crowbars, the trio of robbers tactically retreated, skillfully avoiding the man catcher's swings. When they finally decided to beat a hasty retreat, the suspenders-clad shopkeep shifted his attention to a nearby scooter that he beat into submission.Two of the crooks, both 18-years-old, have since surrendered to police.

Called sasumata in Japan, these weapons were used by the Samurai class in the Edo period of 1603-1868, and by police today. Accoding to NHK. sasumata are now in high demand as a result of this video going viral.