Doggo looks high and low for owner, who is right there — in Xmas tree costume (video)

An adorable husky showed herself to be a very good sport when she was challenged to a game of hide and seek — with a holiday twist.

You could say her human — who was the hider in the game — was actually in plain sight the entire time, but wearing a Christmas tree costume made it almost impossible for the pooch to recognize her friend. In fact, the frisky pup ran past the fabric-covered "tree" many times as she searched in spots that only a seasoned magician might pull off.

Curled up inside the toy bin? Nope. Flattened in between two pillow cushions? Nope. Invisibly sprawled across the dining table? Nope. Shrunken and crouched inside a planter? Nope. But after many rounds around the house, the excited seeker finally sniffed the bottom of the strange new tree in the house and found what she was looking for. And for that, she was rewarded with a jolly green hug. (See video below, posted by thehuskyfam. Via Newsweek.)

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