Mama cat gets annoyed with sassy grown kitten and hilariously drags her across room (video)

A pregnant cat who was about to go into labor began meowing at her grown-up kitten, Nova, for some support. But Nova, being a tween in cat years, wouldn't comply.

So the mama cat, named Starz, hilariously took charge, marching over to her feline daughter, grabbing her by the neck, and dragging the large kitty towards the stairs, which led to the labor room — aka the upstairs bathroom. (See video below, posted by  @mamabear3865 on TikTok.)

According to her human, who spoke to Newsweek, both Nova and her brother Thomas ended up staying right next to mama Starz all night while she gave birth to six kittens. "And now they help her with the cleaning and cuddling with their new siblings."