Better living thru genetic surveillance: Italian province uses DNA to levy dog poo fines

An Italian province seeks to catalog the DNA of 40,000 dogs, so it can levy fines on owners who do not pick up dog poop.

Over 10,000 dogs have already been registered in Bolzano, Italy, with 30,000 more just waiting. In what can not be an affordable or fascinating project, the city and its surrounding environment are undertaking a project to create a doggie DNA database for the region. The purpose of the database will be to penalize people who leave dog poop on the story. This seems like a drastic solution for a far simpler problem.

The provincial government of Bolzano city and surrounding towns in the picturesque Dolomites region is setting up a database for the almost 40,000 dogs in the area, veterinary department director Paolo Zambotto said.

Around 10,000 have already been registered and, once up and running, the plan means abandoned poop can be genetically tested and traced back to a dog, whose owner could be fined anywhere between 50 and 500 euros (£42-£430).