Two racing dogs slip and slide on ice like a scene straight out of a cartoon (video)

Watching two doggos braving icy weather as they slip and slide in their race to get home would normally pluck at the heartstrings.

But when paired with goofy Warner Bros sound effects, the scene suddenly becomes a slapstick comedy routine — or a live-action cartoon, if you will. As is the case with the two adorable great Danes in the video below.

TikTok creator Kayly Reed says her household has since salted the driveway and, just like in cartoonland where mishaps are immediately forgotten, the two pups came out of it just fine.


It is cartoon kinda icy here! They are okay, don't worry 😉 #icy #funnydogs #greatdane

♬ original sound – Sound Central

And while we're on the topic of great Danes, here's another silly video that would pair well with cartoon sounds. And this one too! Enjoy.

Via Newsweek