Putin barely let Carlson speak, then humiliated him (video)

Republican Russian stooge Tucker Carlson's glorious mission to the Rodina mostly goes to show what a non-entity he is now.

Former Fox nightmare Tucker Carlson went to Russia to interview Vladimir Putin. It is good that Moscow Marge from Georgia was eager to hear what Putin had to say, as it appears he didn't let Carlson get a word in edgewise. In addition to lecturing Carlson on Russian history, he insulted him for failing to gain acceptance into the United State's CIA.

However, Financial Times Moscow Bureau Chief Max Seddon singled out one particular part of the interview that had to be particularly embarrassing for Carlson, which came when the Russian president mocked him for getting rejected to work at the CIA decades ago.

"We should thank God that they didn't let you in!" Putin said to Carlson. "Although it is a serious organization, I understand."

Seddon noted that Putin embarrassed Carlson despite the fact that Carlson had gone out of his way to lob softball questions at him while also in the past praising his nation for supposedly upholding traditional Christian values.