Argentina cult worships "King" President Milei as peso becomes worthless

Thousands of adoring admirers, mostly men, filled an arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina to worship President Javier Milei on Wednesday night. He bellowed "I'm the king of a lost world! I'm the king and I will destroy you!" to the crowd of bros and incels who roared in approval.

The faux freedom-loving mutton-chopped Mussolini, who used to pretend to play Mick Jagger in a Rolling Stones cover band, pranced around the stage in a long leather jacket. When he was elected in November, he promised to save Argentina from crippling poverty and 160% inflation. But last night he blamed "communists" for making the peso as valuable as Monopoly money. Currently under Milei's rule Argentina's annual inflation rate is 289%.

Milei's delusional suckers who flocked to Luna Park for his "pagan mass" didn't seem to mind that their quality of life has plummeted since the cartoonish conman has taken over. As reported by The Guardian:

Sergio Gómez, an owner of a transport business who flew more than 700 miles to witness Milei's "fiesta of freedom", admitted the president's radical economic policies had, without exception, "been directly detrimental to my personal activity".

"He has removed all the subsidies from public passenger transportation, prices have gone up and that has affected the people directly," Gómez said. "But I am convinced we must finish the economic clean-up – we can't keep living a lie," he added, echoing the frustrations of the more than 14 million voters who brought Milei to power.

Ana Eugenia Clemente, a 33-year-old Venezuelan actor, clutched Milei's new book as she exalted Argentina's entertainer-in-chief. "I feel a deep hatred for the evil left that damaged my country and feel Milei is a person who has come to save not only Argentina, but the world," she enthused.

It was a night straight out of the fascist playbook — a rambling, unhinged ruler whooping up his cult of personality, spewing nationalistic drivel as his policies only deepen the nation's suffering. Milei's fans got just what they wanted — the chance to worship their demagogic "king" before retreating to their increasingly miserable lives.

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