Doggo going potty sneaks into pool — then splashes around with no intention of getting out (video)

Buster is a golden retriever who was "supposed to go potty and come back inside," but the frisky pooch had other plans.

When his human opened the door to let him back into the house, the doggo was having a grand ol' time swimming and paddling around in the pool. "Seriously?? … Come on," she said to Buster. "Come here."

And at first, it looked like Buster was complying as he got out of the pool. But nope, that's when his "selective hearing" kicked in.

Watch how Buster does everything BUT come back inside, trotting to the far side of the pool with a mischievous tail-wag, following another loose outdoor dog, galloping through a patch of grass, leaping back into the pool with a thunderous splash, and proceeding to enjoy a frolicking good swim. (See video below, posted by bustersworld4.)

This is an ongoing theme on Buster's silly TikTok page, but no matter how many times the adorable pup chooses the pool over house rules, his owner never seems to lose too much patience with her avid swimmer.