MAGA Mike offers the red-hatted cult a completely ridiculous ray of hope

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson offers despondent MAGA behatted morons crying in their Not-Bud-Lite the bonkers idea that the Supreme Court of the United States of America is somehow managing the NY criminal justice system.

Implying that he has spoken to "many" Supreme Court Justices about felonious Donald Trump's 34 criminal convictions, MAGA Mike is creating a situation where even if his silly claim is true "many" Justices should recuse themselves because of it. Speaker Johnson thinks the SCOTUS will enter the NY criminal justice system and un-convict Donald Trump. This is a gross and ugly demonstration of the Republican leader and second-in-line to succeed the Presidency's absolute disregard for the rule of law, but he needs to offer some hope the MAGA can latch on to.

Johnson (R-LA) told Fox News the right-wing members of the nation's highest court were troubled by Trump's conviction on felony charges in New York City on Thursday — then made a suggestive comment.

"I think that the justices on the court, I know many of them personally, I think they're deeply concerned about that as we are," Johnson said. "So I think they'll set this straight"

Johnson's declaration comes as the Supreme Court faces fierce scrutiny from critics who fear the conservative justices cannot be trusted to rule fairly on Trump-related cases.


In other news, Jim Jordan is abusing congress subpoena power to harass Alvin Bragg.

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