EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Indigo Children," a brand new sci-fi thriller from Image Comics

The real life "Indigo Children" were a sort of New Age pseudoscience conspiracy that offered paranormal explanations for about strange children who demonstrated mysterious aptitudes and other abilities. Were they reincarnated telepaths, or were they just neurodivergent kids with ADHD and/or Autism whose parents sought an alternative explanation for their specialness? — Read the rest

Image Comics turns 30

Image founders Image

Although American comics are presently in the roughest shape I've ever personally experienced—the 90s included—they can course-correct. However, my hopes don't rest on the shoulders of Marvel and DC. If any company can save the industry, it's Image Comics. 

By virtue of its creation in 1992, Image was able to learn from the mistakes of its forebears and account for the future of comics in ways the big two never could. — Read the rest

Image Comics staff wants to unionize the comic book industry

The comic book industry has always been a ripe place for exploitation, dating at least as far back as the earliest days of the superhero genre in the 60s. Creative workers who were brought on to write or draw seemingly-disposable pulp stories ended up accidentally setting new precedents in intellectual property rights when their creations inevitably turned into billion-dollar cash cows … with little to no financial compensation. — Read the rest

DRM-free comics of excellence from Image Comics

The rise of Marvel's Comixology has meant that DRM — Digital Rights Management — has become the norm for comics, meaning that your collection is forever locked to Comixology's platform, and it is illegal for anyone except Comixology (and not the artists and writers who created the comics!) — Read the rest

Sneak peek of The Devil's Cut, the first book from the much-hyped new comic book publisher DLSTRY

DSTLRY is a brand new creator-centered comic book publishing endeavor from David Steinberger and Chip Mosher, the founder and former head of content (respectively) of ComiXology. The company made waves upon its initial launch in April 2023, announcing an impressive roster of "Founding Creators" and bold aspirations for digital and print publishing that allow those creators to retain their full intellectual property rights, as well as a stake in the company. — Read the rest

The story of Malibu Comics and The Ultraverse

In the 90s, comic books arguably reached the apex of their relevance in pop culture. Some would contest that with the rise of the Marvel cinematic universe and the success of shows like The Walking Dead, comic books are hotter than ever in the present, including in the 90s. — Read the rest

The trailer for Paper Girls really delivers

For the last few decades, Brian K Vaughan has been building one of the most prestigious legacies in comics' history. One look at Vaughan's resume indicates that he's easily one of the best writers working in the industry today. His work for the mainline Marvel and DC universes may be impressive, but Vaughan truly shines in the realm of creator-owned material. — Read the rest

Savage Dragon: one of the best comics you're not reading

Savage Dragon Image

After the runaway success of InvincibleThe Walking Dead, and The Old Guard, Image comics has become a dark horse, no pun intended, in the comic book to the live-action adaptation arms race. What sets Image comics apart when Hollywood chooses to adapt their books, at least compared to Marvel and DC, is the variety of genres they offer. — Read the rest

Zestworld is trying to shake up the comic world

Zestworld Comics Twitter Image

Manga sales are trouncing American comics in every conceivable metric, and it's safe to say that the industry needs some profound reinvention. For decades, fans have noticed a steady decline in sales while prices skyrocketed. Coupled with the fact that children—choosing manga instead—now represent one of the smallest demographics for the medium, the entire industry is undoubtedly on shaky legs. — Read the rest

This new comic book is a single image that's 15 feet long

Ice Cream Man is consistently one of my favorite comics on the stands. Created by W. Maxwell Prince and Martin Morazzo and published by Image, it's essentially a surrealist horror anthology. Each issue tells a different hyper-stylized story of scary suburban existentialism, all loosely connected by, well, an Ice Cream Man, who may-or-may-not be some sort of eternal demon and/or angelic savior. — Read the rest

Saga is finally making its triumphant return to comics after 3 years of hiatus

When Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples launched their epic fantasy space opera comic Saga in 2012, it was an immediate hit — critically acclaimed, as well as one of the best-selling independent comics in history. That success is well-earned; the book brilliant blends every imaginable ridiculous trope of sci-fi and fantasy epics with an incredibly grounded and emotional family story at the center of it. — Read the rest