James O'Keefe caught trying to bribe protesters to riot at Trump inauguration

James O'Keefe is the Breitbart-affiliated fraudster and fake news pioneer who staged the hoax videos about Acorn and Planned Parenthood that disrupted the last two election cycles; his MO is to dress up in disguises and then attempt to trick progressives into saying damning things on camera (he's not very good at it, having been rumbled by both CNN and Jay Rosen and Clay Shirky).

Samthana Bee parodies Project Veritas operative crumbling under reporters' questions

It's a joy to watch this bumbling operative from James O'Keefe's sleazy smear organization Project Veritas realize she's been found out. Jamie T. Phillips, who tried to trick the Washington Post into running a phony story about Roy Moore, looks like she's about to throw up when it becomes clear to her that reporter Stephanie McCrummen knows she's a liar and an alt-right operative. — Read the rest

Obviously fake "paid protester" site sets right wing media aflutter

Demand Protest, a service that bills itself as providing "deliver[ing the appearance of rage] at scale while keeping your reputation intact" purportedly pays protesters $2500/month plus $50/hour for left-wing protesters to take to the streets, and claims to have run 48 campaigns, despite having only registered its domain last month (it also displays a copyright notice that spans 2015-2017).