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Why humans are suddenly getting better at Tetris

In this video [via Kottke], John Green explains why competitive players are suddenly getting much better at Tetris despite the number of players being much smaller than in its heydey: "a group of enthusiasts built spaces both online and off that allowed people to connect with each other over what is usually a very solitary hobby and because small groups of deeply passionate people can often be more productive than large groups of casually interested people."

The improvements apply to a specific implementation of Tetris (8-bit Nintendo) and reflect deep awareness of the technical environment. Read the rest

Hank Green's "An Absolutely Remarkable Thing": aliens vs social media fame vs polarization

Hank Green (previously) is one half of the famous and much-loved Vlog Brothers; while his brother John Green (previously) is well-known for his novels, Hank hasn't ventured into fiction -- until now. His debut novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is a deceptively romp-y novel about mysterious samurai alien robot statues appearing all at once, everywhere that has hidden and absolutely remarkable depths.

Podcast asks: "What would you say to the one who got away?"

I've just learned of a lovely new podcast. It's called "The One Who Got Away" and this is what it's all about:

We all have a lost love, a forgotten romance, a missed connection. If you had the chance, what would you say to the one who got away?

The One Who Got Away is a new podcast by Oliver Blank, featuring you. In 2014, with the help of New York Times best-selling author John Green and PBS Digital's The Art Assignment, Oliver put a phone-number out into the wild that asked callers one simple question: “What would you say to the one who got away?”

Four years later, over three thousand people from all over the world have called the number and left their own messages for the one who got away. This short question taps into something all of us share: we all have someone or something that got away from us. These deeply moving messages reveal the spectrum and commonality of human emotion. The resentment of rejected lovers. Sweet streams of consciousness remembering an old friend. Playful anecdotes capturing a moment lost in time and preserved in memory.

The show is available on all major podcast providers, including iTunes, Google Play Music and Stitcher, listen and subscribe via www.theonewhogotaway.com.

Read the rest

The most purely delightful subreddits

In this new video, John Green highlights his favorite quirky corners of Reddit, including Children Falling Over, Better Every Loop, Nature Is Fucking Lit, and the utterly delightful Birds With Arms:

[Photo submitted by Revenginator239]

Feel free to highlight your favorite joyful subreddits in the comments. Read the rest

John Green discusses mental health and social media curation

In this new Vlogbrothers video, John Green discusses his OCD and the ways in which social media shapes our perception of others and, in turn, our perception of ourselves. To hear Green discuss his mental health in more detail, check out this video he made on his 100 Days channel.

Read the rest

John Green offers a beginner’s guide to America’s health care reform woes

In a recent Vlogbrothers video, author and YouTuber John Green offers an easy-to-follow overview of the U.S. health care system and why it’s so difficult to reform it. Read the rest

John Green asks: How young is history?

In this new Vlogbrothers video, John Green tries to put human history into perspective. Read the rest

The Vlogbrothers break down the differences between Trump and Clinton’s tax plans

In just 10 minutes, John Green takes a deep dive into both candidates’ proposals. Read the rest

The Vlogbrothers guide to voting in every state in the union

In a series of easily digested, 2-minute videos, Vlogbrothers Hank and John Green explain how to vote -- from registration to voter ID laws to absentee ballots to casting your vote. Read the rest

30 more life hacks debunked

John Green of Mental Floss tested 30 different "life hacks" found on the Internet. About 40 percent of them really worked. The others were failures and semi-failures. He didn't test some of life hacks fairly, though. For instance, he tried making whipped cream by shaking cream in a plastic bottle. He only shook it for a few seconds though, which isn't long enough. Read the rest

LA artists who earn their livings through the Internet

A beautifully shot photo-essay in today's New York Times chronicles the careers of six Los Angeles artists whose livings would not exist, save for the Internet. Read the rest

Vlogbrothers launch their own podcast

Having already mastered the world of YouTube, Hank and John Green (aka the Vlogbrothers) are now moving into the realm of podcasting as well. Read the rest

ZAP! POW! Comics are for kids again

This is about comics, and about kids, so I'm going to start with a story (a comic!) about how Bill Watterson taught my home schooled daughter to read. It goes like this…

Sixth annual VidCon convention expands beyond YouTube

Now in its sixth year, VidCon—the world’s largest online video convention—is expanding beyond YouTube. Read the rest

John Green sends uplifting message to a fan

Vlogbrother/The Fault In Our Stars author John Green is one of my favorite people on the Internet (along with his brother Hank, of course). Read the rest

YouTube users discuss whether makeup is superficial

Makeup: Tool for patriarchy, fun hobby, or empowering aspect of self-identity? Read the rest

The secret to success is working on the Right Thing

Nikole Dieker explains an aptly-named project: The Right Thing.

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