Prosperity gospel sermon vastly improved with heavy metal backing track

I can't get enough of heavy metal guitarist Andre Antunes' work, and he's done it again, with this brilliant video featuring his guitar work accompanying the preaching of Terri Pearsons. Pearson is the daughter of prosperity gospel-loving televangelist pastor Kenneth Copeland, who made headlines for justifying his need for private jets—which he bought with money donated by his congregation—by insisting, "You can't. — Read the rest

Why capitalism and consumerism play so well with Christianity in America

The "protestant work ethic" is invoked for any number of political reasons – foreign policy and developmental aid, the spiritual justification for reducing one's life to capitalist time, and as a way to understand the relationship between religion and profit.

A city upon a hill (already inhabited by people with millennial ties to the land and labored by kidnapped indigenous people from a country called Africa) and the divine chosen people are origin stories for the prosperity gospel. — Read the rest

Conspirituality: A podcast that dismantles New Age cults, wellness grifters, and conspiracy-mad yogis

Self-identified people of God, self-proclaimed mystics, and conspiracy theorists have been hyping and hawking Christian Science and snake oil spirituality with healing properties since at least the early part of the 20th century. The forgeries of ideas that are Christian exceptionalism and the arrogant sociopathic notion of a "chosen people" finding and populating a "city on a hill," a hill already inhabited by people, built with the labor of indentured and enslaved people, are myths that people fight wars over. — Read the rest