Christmas mashups: Santastic 8

dj BC writes, "I just dropped Santastic 8, the 8th annual Holiday mashup album in the series (10th if you count 'Menorah Mashups' and 'Re:Compostition').

This year we offer 14 new Christmas mashups, and one old one which was reissued because it is great and it matches the album cover so well. — Read the rest

Santastic Six: killer mashups for the holidays

djBC has released the sixth Santastic collection, a set of holiday mashups from some of the greatest sonic plunderers in the world (earlier efforts). As always, the Santastic mixes are fantastic. If you want my favorites, try Divide and Kreate's Santatage (MP3) (mashing Otis Redding vs The Beastie Boys vs Run DMC); ATOM's Wonderland Walker (MP3) (mashing Peggy Lee vs Fats Domino vs Bjork); and djBC's Mashing Christmas (MP3) (mashing Danny Elfman vs The Supremes vs Jimmy Stewart). — Read the rest

Santastic II: Xmas mashups from djBC and friends

djBC sez, "A kick-ass group of mixers and mashers from the US, England, France, The Netherlands and Sweden has contributed to the second Santastic collection of 23 bizarre and wicked cool X-mashups and remixes. We've even got 2.5 Chanukah bootlegs this year for the all nice little Jewish kids, plus "liner notes" and sample lists from the producers. — Read the rest

This Day in Blogging History: Xmas mashups; Canned libraries; Blogging.LA launches

One year ago today

Santastic 7: more mashups for the holiday season: djBC and friends have put out their seventh Santastic collection of holiday mashups, "It's a Wonderful Mash."

Five years ago today

Canned Libraries: the 1936 version of "universal access to all human knowledge": In this 1936 Modern Mechanix article, a fantasy about shrinking the Library of Congress to fit "in a few small filing cabinets" on microfiche/film. — Read the rest

Romantic V-day song

djBC sez, "For Valentine's Day. Ska/Punk brats Big D and The Kids Table grow up and invent 'Stroll Music,' a fusion of classic R&B, ska, reggae, jazz, and rock. This tune reminds me of the best things about 'Exile On Main Street' – it's a paean to the healing power of travel, adventure and instant relocation. — Read the rest

Hardcore hip-hop Xmas

djBC writes, "As you probably know from the steady stream of Holiday mashup albums I've been compiling over the past 5 years, I dig Christmas music, and I keep remixing it. In this case I took the Big D and The Kids Table Christmas paean to Red Sox, victory, drinking, heavy Boston accents and holiday merriment in general, cut it into a hip-hop beat and enlisted rapper Black Element to bust rhymes. — Read the rest

djBC's Muppet mashups

djBC, consistently my favorite mashup producer/creator (he's the guy behind the Beasties/Beatles remix "The Beastles"), has released an entire album of remixes of Muppet music! He sez, "In honor of my daughter's first birthday- and one month late- I'm rolling out 'Muppet Mashup.' — Read the rest

djBC's album of legit mashups: Strictly Mixed and Mashed

djBC, the mashup artist responsible for the amazing, illegal Beasties/Beatles "Beastles" albums, has produced a great albumof authorized mashups, in collaboration with Big D & the Kids Table, called "Strictly Mixed and Mashed." The best work on the CD sounds like vintage Trojan reggae crossed with — well, a djBC mix. — Read the rest

Mashup Xmas album

Virtuoso mashup king dj BC sez, "This is a Christmas album of mashups and unlicensed remixes of Christmas chestnuts by remix artists from the US and UK. All songs (mp3) and the cover art are downloadable. Contains mixes from Go Home Productions (who has done official remix work for Blondie and Bowie among others), Poj Masta (the young prodigy of the UK scene), dj BC (The Beastles, remix work with Heaven 17), and lots of others. — Read the rest