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America's terrible trains are an ideological triumph

America's trains suck on purpose: "Ride a fast train to Washington today and you’ll start thinking about national health insurance tomorrow." Read the rest

Livestream: students occupy Newark school superintendent's office to protest forced privatization

Greg Costikyan writes, "Newark public school students have occupied the office of Cami Anderson, the state-appointed superintendent of Newark's public school system, in protest against plans to privatize the entire city school system over the protest of the city's mayor and virtually its entire population." Read the rest

Bad news for Chris Christie and his Port Authority cronies

Obstruction of justice. Intentional interference in interstate commerce. Securities fraud. And more.

Pornstar may have appeared in New Jersey governor tape

"Bill" thought he'd found something amazing: a sex tape featuring New Jersey governor Chris Christie. He had the New York Times, Mother Jones, network TV news and Gawker running the story down. Alas, the truth was mundane: it's a 2000-era "Dick Nasty" porn flick, starring a fellow with an uncanny resemblance to the presidential hopeful. Who among us would fail to vote for Dick Nasty as governor of New Jersey? Read the rest

The Christie Tracker is a godsend for Bridgegate scandal obsessives like me

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Carla is bemused by my obsession with the New Jersey Governor Christie Christie Bridgegate scandal. I can't really explain it myself, other than to say it is interesting to watch public servants who can't keep their psychopathy under control and shut down the world's busiest bridge traffic out of spite. (I'm not saying Christie shut the traffic down, I'm saying the bad apples he surrounded himself did).

Until now, I've had to keep myself satisfied with Rachel Maddow's excellent, unrelenting, obsessive coverage of the scandal on her nightly show, but now I can get mini-fixes throughout the day, thanks to The Christie Tracker, a website created by Matt Katz of WNYC. I'm so excited!

Here's my prediction of how this will play out (I posted it to Facebook on January 21):

Once he runs out of people to throw under the bus, Christie will make a deal with investigators to resign in exchange for an end to the investigations and subpoenas. In his resignation speech Christie will say he is innocent of all accusations but is stepping down to stop the bad Democrats from harming the great state of New Jersey with their witch hunt. After a couple of months he will get a job on Fox News. Read the rest

Who will Gov. Christie pick as scapegoats for the George Washington Bridge lane closures?

Matthew says: "A massive traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge was caused by the closure of two toll booths for a 'traffic study,' but neither the head of the Port Authority was told about the closure. An investigation has revealed the closure was ordered by [close aides to] New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to punish Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich for not endorsing Christie in his reelection campaign. In spite of repeated denials by Christie, emails released today confirm his involvement."

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” Bridget Anne Kelly, one of three deputies on Christie’s senior staff, wrote to David Wildstein, a top Christie executive at the Port Authority, on Aug. 13, about three weeks before the closures. Wildstein, the official who ordered the closures and who resigned last month amid the escalating scandal, wrote back: “Got it.”

Kelly will likely be the first Christie deputy that the Governor's office will describe as a rogue operator. There will be more to come. Read the rest

Warren Ellis on the dismal American election

It's been so long since Transmetropolitan ended that I sometimes forget how totally incandescent Warren Ellis is when he's talking politics. His latest Vice column, "My Last Column About the Presidential Election (Really)," was a good reminder.

President Obama's fairly grim, toothless, meandering and perfunctory presidency gained excellent contrast from an assemblage of GOP candidates so demented and corrupt that even to so describe them would be an insult to the many hard-working demented and corrupt politicians extant today. It was an array of desperate, shambling criminals (and Jon Huntsman, who presumably was there on a bet) that may have been unprecedented, even in the stinking cesspool of American politics, in its lunatic evil. The "winner" of the GOP race was always going to be the one who didn't shit themselves on stage. But the GOP itself couldn't win, because, of the bunch running, the best you could hope for was a candidate who didn't shit themselves on stage.

Which is exactly what the Republican party got. A man who's only coherent when he's lying. Any solid political points he might have made have been washed away in a tide of dissembling, flipflopping and outright bullshitting. Broad swathes of the party fail to summon enthusiasm for him. The Koch brothers, who could surely have amassed mighty forces to Romney's advantage, have provided only perfunctory support. And his mealymouthing about Big Government have put him on the wrong side of not only New York but also New Jersey, whose well-liked Republican governor Chris Christie has been effusive in his praise of the President even as Romney was being pelted with his own words about disbanding the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Read the rest

Superintendent of schools to NJ governor: spare education

David C Verducci, the Superintendent of Schools of Glen Rock, NJ, has sent a letter to state governor Chris Christie, asking him to spare education in the state's round of econopocalyptic cost-cutting, explaining in passionate and stirring language the need to commit to education even in bad times.

Make us -ALL of the stakeholders here- a partner in the process.

This first item is the most important of all. Please stop talking at us! Talk to us! We are not the enemy! Make us a partner in the endeavor to fix New Jersey. From the superintendent of schools to the part-time cafeteria worker, the overwhelming majority of us who spend our professional lives in the public schools are hard-working people who want to see children succeed. Building a coalition with the educational community for the betterment of the common good will not happen if you simply continue to dictate the terms of change. We have a lot of good ideas. We can help you accomplish your goals."

Open letter from Superintendent of Schools of Glen Rock, NJ to Gov. Christie (PDF)

(Thanks, Michael!)

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