Watch neural networks see only what they've been trained to see

Memo Akten created Gloomy Sunday, part of his Learning To See series in which he juxtaposes mundane video with how deep-trained neural networks percieve the same input. Read the rest

Trippy geometric animation for intense, layered electronic music

Thunder Tillman is a Swedish musician whose work lends itself to trippy animation, like this piece for Alignments by Mario Hugo and Johnny Lee. Read the rest

Beautiful light sculptures installed in remote locations

German artists Tarek Mawad and Friedrich van Schoor, aka 3hund, create beautiful works that juxtapose light forms with nature. Their latest, Lucid, is a hypnotic journey to remote places. All effects were done in-camera and not added in post: Read the rest

Make trippy abstract animation with free procedural compositing software

Ted Wiggin created stella nova, a beautiful demo of his Rose Engine, a tool for procedural compositing. Read the rest

Paul Klee's notebooks scanned and posted online: 3900 pages!

Swiss-German painter Paul Klee kept beautiful notebooks, 3900 pages of which can now be viewed online. [via] Read the rest

Watch this psychedelic dreamscape: The Colors of Feelings

French artist Thomas Blanchard mixed paint, oil, milk, honey and cinnamon to create these hypnotic swirlings of color and shape. The film is set to Lost in Space by Max Richter. Read the rest

WATCH: Bruce Riley blends oils, resin, and philosophy into psychedelic art

Chicago artist Bruce Riley discusses the philosophy and physicality of creating his vibrant oil and resin works in this relaxing short documentary. Read the rest