This gorgeous Dune fan art is like an epic art nouveau Anime adaptation of the series

These were made by artist Chezka Sunit. And as excited as I am about that new live-action Dune movie, I'm already craving an anime version using this artwork 'cause it's gorgeous.

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Dune Series #5 Paul Atreides of House Atreides. 🏜 I'm planning to do two versions of Paul, this and him being the Muad'Dib of the Fremen. #dune #frankherbert #paul #atreides #digitalart #scifi #artnouveau #artdeco

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Re-upload. The first quality was so bad. Sorry. Dune Series #9 Alia Atreides (St. Alia of the Knife) Thank you for being patient and always supportive of this series, lately I've been swamped with work plus this lockdown is kinda driving me nuts. I miss cycling and hiking. I had a real blast doing this, I love Mongolian, Tibetian, Bedouin, Slavic traditional clothes a lot. I use them for inspiration all the time! Also insects and plants! Hoping everyone is well! ✨💖🗡💖✨ #dune #frankherbert #alia #atreides #fremen #stillsuit #arrakis #digitalart #scifi #artnouveau #artdeco

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Dune Series #8 Reverend Mother Jessica (Jessica Atreides) of the Fremen of Arrakis. 🏺💧🏜 Tough day for most of us (specially if you're from where I'm at), with everything that's been happening lately. All these news surrounding this epidemic, I hope you still have it in you guys to press on for the next weeks/months. Read the rest

How Art Nouveau influenced the psychedelic art of the '60s

The Art Nouveau movement was started in response to a rapidly-changing -- and in the eyes of artists, ugly -- world. So it makes sense that the San Francisco artists designing rock posters, album covers, and the like in the 1960s would crib Art Nouveau's distinct style. They were responding to their own rapidly-changing, and ugly, world. While these free-spirited designers took heavy inspiration from Art Nouveau, they made their art their own by popping the colors to be vibrant and high-contrast, according to this Vox video.

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HOWTO farm with dynamite, the Art Nouveau edition

Lakelady sends us, "a complete online text for how and why farming with dynamite is a good idea written by E.I. Du Pont de Nemours Powder Company. Published in 1910. Note the lovely art nouveau embellishments on some of the pages."

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