American Psycho as a valley bro? Yes please.

For the record, I own a Jok3r 60% keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches.

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My Zippo axe is a multi-tool

I keep this Zippo Axe/Saw/Mallet in my camper van. It comes in really handy. Read the rest

Warrior axe straight razor

Prepare to go to battle... with your whiskers!

Stubble doesn't stand a chance against this super-sharp handcrafted warrior axe straight razor by Ukranian company Magic Ethnics. It sells for $125 and comes with a rustic wooden box:

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Review: The Winkler Knives Medic Axe is as beautiful as it is expensive

For years, I’ve kept a tomahawk on hand. It accompanies me into the bush, lives next to my side of the bed when we’re staying in sketchy areas for protection, and has traveled with me to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Spain, across Canada and the United States. As I live in a 40-foot RV, I consider it to be as vital a piece of safety gear as the fire extinguishers we keep in the front and rear of the vehicle.

A good tomahawk can be used to quickly breach walls, doors or windows – an important ability to have, if we ever find ourselves trapped in our rig in a way that keeps us from its only door and two escape windows. I tell anyone who asks me about it to keep one in their emergency preparedness kit or bugout bag: during Hurricane Harvey, some folks were only able to avoid flood waters by getting to their roof through a hole cut in it with an axe. Others weren’t so lucky. What I’m getting at is while a tomahawk or axe is often seen as a weapon – some are, by design – they can also be used as a safety tool which, once you have one, you’ll find countless uses for.

So, today for show and tell, I want to talk about my new tomahawk.

Last month, Daniel Winkler of Winkler Knives gifted me a Medic Axe—one of the new designs that he’s recently churned out. It’s a simple piece of cutlery, but damned if it isn’t a piece of art. Read the rest

Watch a bullet get shot at an axe blade

In this fascinating video, the energy of a bullet is on full display as it's shot directly at the sharp edge of an axe. The first shot from seven yards misses, but the second one sends a visible shock wave through the axe head. Read the rest

Can an axe really cut a chain in half?

It happens all the time in movies, and it often looks easy. Modern homesteader Wranglerstar decided to try to cut a chain with an axe for himself. Read the rest

Listen to Kiefer Sutherland wistfully grumble about a high school crush in an ad for Axe

Axe, purveyor of men's shower products, is not known for their subtlety in their commercials. Kiefer Sutherland is similarly not known for being a gentle and romantic type of person. But now, both have subverted their usual respective approaches to advertising and acting and the result is Kiefer "WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME, DAMNIT" Sutherland reminisce about a girl named Susan Glenn, a fictional crush from years past. And unlike other Axe ads, she's not sexually unhinged over shampoo. Prepare yourself, because your day is going to be thrown off completely. This is a bizarro commercial. (via Gawker) Read the rest