Clever video: Watch cats knocking down dominoes to get some food

If I lived in Japan, I'd totally buy whatever cat food is being shilled in this (surprisingly suspenseful) "Cats and Domino" video. Bravo to the folks behind it!

screengrab via Cat Navi Desk/YouTube

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Cat kicks oncoming Roomba like a boss

You might think you're smooth. But you'll never be as smooth as this black cat redirecting a robotic vacuum with its back leg WHILE continuing to aggressively stare down another cat. I mean, it doesn't even move its head as the vacuum approaches. So good.

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Imagining a cat actually catching a red laser pointer dot

Almost nothing riles up a cat like the red dot of a laser pointer mysteriously moving around on a surface. But what would happen if one of them actually caught it?

The latest episode of Los Angeles-based visual effects artist Aaron Benitez's comedic series, "Aaron's Animals," imagines just that. The cat, Prince Michael, gets his day in the sun after nabbing that pesky little red dot.

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Cat using a door knocker to be let in

Just when you think you've seen everything, a cat in Bootle, England has been captured on camera using a door knocker to be let inside. The 26-year-old man who got the footage, Daniel Richardson, had pulled over to the side of the road when he saw the cat.

He told the Liverpool Echo Saturday:

I was in my car and I caught a glimpse of it happening.

Then I watched and the cat started to climb up the door again so I whipped out my phone to record it.

I looked and wondered if that had just really happened - I was baffled.

It is not something you see everyday.

He added, "It would have only made it better if someone came out to let it in."

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If you watch one cat video this year, let it be this one

Watch this while you can. Run.

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Cat bath rapper

Portland, Oregon's MSHO not only takes baths with his cat "DJ Ravioli" (which seems like a terrible idea, but let's overlook that for now), but raps to him in the process. It's pretty cute if you aren't watching and waiting for the other claw to drop.

MSHO (aka the Cat Rapper) doesn't just make cat videos in the bathtub, he's got a whole YouTube channel of him singing, on dry land, about his five cats.

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