San Francisco police bust alleged speakeasy

San Francisco Police busted an alleged speakeasy operating in an industrial part of the Bayview neighborhood. Above is a clip of surveillance video that the city attorney's office says shows more than 150 people going in and out of the building. Not only is there a shelter-in-place mandate in San Francisco, the building apparently isn't permitted as a nightclub nor up to fire safety standards for that kind of use. From SFGate:

Over the weekend, officers from SFPD's tactical unit and the Bayview Station seized "DJ equipment, two fog machines, nine gambling machines with $670 in cash inside, two pool tables, bins of liquor, cases of beer, bar furniture, and other nightclub-related items[...]

According to court documents, the building tenant who has been allegedly operating the club told the property owner that he was using the building for storage.

Police are also separately investigating a report of shots fired inside the building on March 15.

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Wonderful video of New Wave dance club in the 1980s

Much of this wonderful video could have been shot at Cincinnati's Metro/Clubhaus where I spent the late 1980s, but it's actually from Stratus in San Diego, California. This is the first in a series of vintage Stratus videos that you can watch here.

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In this Tokyo club, people wear head-to-toe bodysuits to relieve stress

The Tokyo Zentai Club brings welcome relief to the pressures of living in a stressful urban environment where citizens are expected to conform to rigid social norms. By wearing skin-tight lycra outfits that conceal their identity, club members feel like have removed the behavioral costumes placed upon them by society.

From Oddity Central

My family is conservative,” said university student Yukinko, a member of the Zentai club. “They like me to be quiet and feminine, but in secret I wear all over tights and let loose. I’m a different person wearing this. I can be friendly to anyone and feel as if I can do anything.”

The anonymity that the stretchy suits provide is another factor that pulls many people towards the trend. “People can’t see us and it’s difficult to see them,” explained Zentai leader Seiwa Tamura. “So whether one is a teacher or public servant, we become without identity and our true self emerges.”

According to Wikipedia, zentai outfits do not conform with the French ban on face covering, and "a fine of up to €150 is issued to those who wear them publicly in France."

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Chicagoans: EFF fundraiser at Cards Against Humanity's club!

EFF's executive director, the wonderful Cindy Cohn, will host a Q&A before a night of outstanding comedy and improv. Read the rest

Photos of abandoned discotheques

Photographer Antonio La Grotta captures the lost decadence inside abandoned discotheques in Italy. Read the rest

Busted: teen nightclub disguised as rave church

DarkSide was a Dallas teen dance club whose owners attempted to wrap it in a legal spiritual envelope to stop it from being shut down. In the Dallas Observer, Anna Merlan looked into "The Bizarre Life and Troubling Death of DarkSide, the Dallas Rave Church That Never Was." Here's the best quote:

"The media made it out to be a sex-infested, drug-infested underground rave club that was run by a pedophile and raver kids who didn't give a damn," (DJ John Wayne) says now. His voice rises a little. "That's bullshit. Yes, there were drugs. Yes, Tommy is a pedophile. But there was a deeper purpose, a deeper meaning, a deeper connection. This wasn't just something we did on weekends. This was our life."

Reminds me a bit of the Nine O'Clock Service, a cyberdelic early-1990s rave church in the UK that fell from grace after the minister was investigated and ultimately confessed to abusing young women in the group.

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