North Dakota's COVID-19 contact tracing app leaks location data to Foursquare and a Google Ads ID: Report

Your concerns about the privacy and security risks of using state-run coronavirus contact tracing apps? They're reasonable concerns. Read the rest

Databases leak exposed 900K plastic surgery records with nude photos

Leaked images, many of them graphic nude photos, were from imaging firm NextMotion in France

Recode's data privacy reporter shares story of how hackers stole $13,103.91 from her

Sara Morrison is a data privacy reporter for Vox's Recode. She recently wrote a story about how hackers drained her bank account of over $13,000. She says it happened because she used similar passwords across different accounts. She concludes the article with 3 things you should do to protect your online accounts.

Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash Read the rest

T-Mobile confirms 1 million hit by data breach

Cellular phone provider T-Mobile on Monday is confirming earlier reports of a data breach, and says the breach affected over a million of its customers. Read the rest