A service that turns pictures of keys into working keys

Snap a picture of a key and Key Me will turn it into a working metal key: just a reminder that locks probably aren't as secure you imagine. (via Schneier) Read the rest

Cool designer key blanks

My house key is shaped like a revolver and I am a fan of oddly-shaped keys in general. So, when I saw these cool key blanks by NYC jewelry brand Erica Weiner pop up in my Instagram feed, I stopped in my tracks.

All three --the "Up Yours," the "Good Night," and the "All-Seeing Eye"-- are compatible with kwikset (KW1) locks. To have them cut to fit your door, you just bring them to your local locksmith or hardware store.

(pdxhousegeeks) Read the rest

HOWTO make a "Swiss Army knife" key ring

I have an annoyingly bulky key ring. I frequently clip it to my belt like a janitor, but this DIY "Swiss Army Key Ring" seems like a nice alternative. However, it does mean giving up car remote fobs. Swiss Army Key Ring (Instructables) Read the rest

Tower of London keys swiped

Locks had to be changed at London's 930-year old fortress—and home of the crown jewels—after a man was found trespassing within the walls, keys in hand. [Reuters] Read the rest