‘80s Mascot "Bleachman" Wants You To Shoot Up Safely

Recent reckless comments from the president about injecting disinfectants have spurred urgent press announcements from health professionals and cleaning product manufacturers alike about the dangers of shooting up bleach. In San Francisco, it has also summoned visions of a noble helper from bygone days who wouldn’t have suffered such foolishness about shooting up. A local superhero who was dedicated to educating civilians about the proper use of bleach and injections. One who sought to prevent the spread of HIV and fight the stigma of drug use, all while wearing a cute outfit.

Armed with a Ringling Brothers-inspired oversized needle and festooned with a jug of bleach for a head, “Bleachman” was the official mascot of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation during the late ‘80s. Not only was his image plastered in advertisements on bus stops and free papers all over town, like all great superheroes, he had his own comic book and catchphrase too. “If you use the drug, you gotta use the jug,” Bleachman would quip before demonstrating the step-by-step process for cleaning needles. The "live action" costumed character made personal appearances too, patrolling the streets of San Francisco to educate IV drug users on the best way to prevent contracting HIV, stopping to take photos with fans along the way.

Witness him in all of his celebrity glory in this surprisingly candid PSA on late night television.

Needle exchanges and safe injection sites may have reduced the need for Bleachman’s services, but in these current dark times of misinformation, perhaps he will swoop in to save us once more. Read the rest

Comedian bemoans the unoriginality in choosing animal sports mascots

"There are a trillion species on this planet. Only nine are used for all sports." Clean comedy and crowd work are both deceptively difficult, but Kellen Erskine manages both in this amusing bit about high school animal mascots. Read the rest

Adorable mascot drummer opts for death metal interpretation of childrens' song

In this video, a drummer in a cute yet bulky mascot costume thrashes the dickens out of a chirpy childrens' song (UPDATE: The theme song from Anpanman's March, writes in BB reader Ryozo), thereby improving it beyond measure.

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New Ranger Rick design aims for "timeless"

The National Wildlife Federation recently redesigned Ranger Rick, its mascot. This is a good example of the trend to ditch computer-rendered mascot redesigns from the last 10 years or so, which have gotten dated and nasty with remarkable speed. The new one could have been drawn at pretty much any time since the 1960s, but avoids retro, haunted or nostalgic qualities—a deliberate approach, writes artist Parker Jacobs.

Many versions [of Rick] reflected the era and even the technology of their time, so though I did want to make him timely, I also wanted to make him look timeless. My biggest inspiration came from an old sticker I found of Rick from the ’60s. His colors were bright, his eyes were twinkly and he looked like he wanted to go on an adventure! That’s were I started.

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