Watch Skippa the rock-skipping robot get optimized

Skipping stones takes a little practice and finesse, so Mark Rober enlisted his extended family to help build the perfect rock-skipping robot. Their creation, named Skippa, ended up helping humans learn, too. Read the rest

Watch how this chain-free bike operates

CeramicSpeed makes bikes that use a drive shaft instead of a chain. Shane Miller got a close look at Eurobike 2018. Read the rest

Watch these mesmerizing mechanisms

It would be fun to 3D print and/or lasercut these ingenious mechanisms.

Reuleaux Triangle Intermittent Pins Mechanism

Geneva Mechanism

Reuleaux triangle intermittent mechanism

Walking Robot Mechanism

[Fake] Perpetual Motion Mechanisms Read the rest

Watch this gorgeous two-valve Stirling engine in action

YouTuber Latheman demonstrates a nicely-designed V2 Stirling engine powered by two spirit lamps. Impressively smooth action on this beauty! Read the rest

Watch Australian bush mechanics get a wrecked car rolling

When I saw the state of the Hyundai these guys found in the bush, I thought the clip was going to be a joke. Then they fix it with their axes. Mad props to Aboriginal Australian mechanics and Korean engineers. Read the rest

1000-year old windmills still in use

Nashtifan, Iran, is home to some of the oldest windmills in the world. Ali Muhammad Etebari, the last custodian of the mills, laments that he cannot find an apprentice. Read the rest

Amazing working paper model of a V6 engine

A fantastic working papercraft model of a V6 engine that runs on compressed air. Read the rest

What Einstein and Szilard did in their spare time

Did you know that Albert Einstein and Leó Szilárd once invented a refrigerator? And a life-saving refrigerator, at that. Read the rest