Otherworldly nightscapes shot with spotlight-equipped drone

The Dying Of The Light is a project shot by sfdrones.tv in the nighttime desert, but with a spotlight so bright that it reaches the intensity of daylight. Read the rest

Stargazing in darkened cities, both real and imagined

Hurricane Irma's blackouts reminded locals of what their gorgeous night skies look like with no light pollution. That reminded me of the cool Darkened Cities project by Thierry Cohen. Read the rest

Time-lapse video of the Northern Lights

I've seen the northern lights once, at a cabin weekend in Wisconsin a couple of years ago. It's a strange thing to experience, especially at that latitude, where the lights aren't as in-your-face as this photo. For the first minute or so, you kind of wonder whether you're hallucinating. Then you realize that everybody else is standing perfectly still and silent, staring at the exact same point in the sky.

This time-lapse video (you'll have to follow the link to watch) shows a far more spectacular display over the Ringebu Fjell in southern Norway, captured by photographer Bernd Proschold. The moment when the clouds clear away, and the lights burst into view is absolutely breathtaking.

The World At Night: A Glimpse of the Far North

(Thanks, Chris Combs!)

Still image taken in Greenland by Flickr user nickrussill. Used via CC.

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