Weekend Tunes: The Singing Loins--Please Take My Scissors Away

We're all becoming redundant. I'll be replaced by an algorithm that mimics an embittered hobo that moonlights as a journalist, one day. Your gig? They're trying to sort out ways to have a robot do that, too. It's happened to thatchers, coopers and fletchers. It's the way of things.

But that doesn't mean you have to go quietly. Read the rest

World getting better all the time

However sad things are at home, the trend worldwide is looking good. [via] Then consider this; and this:

https://www.vidio.com/watch/68705-the-beatles-getting-better-lyrics Read the rest

Why the world is better than you think in 10 powerful charts

Peter Diamandis, founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, presents 10 charts that show progress in absolute poverty, child labor, income spent on food, infant mortality rate, guinea worm infections, teen births, homicide rates, violent crime, education, and literacy. Read the rest