Watch the hosts of a Star Trek public access TV show deal with a rash of prank calls (1993)

In 1993, Trekkers took to public access cable television channel Citytv in Toronto with Ten Forward, a talk show all about Star Trek. In the above collection of clips, the hosts calmly deal with "weenoid" prank callers who apparently plagued the show. Note the fellow's finger expertly poised on the phone's "disconnect" button.

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When you run out of gancha

Well, whatcha gonna do?

According to Classical Gas Emissions, "The band is called Mental Note, and they appeared on a show called "Johnny Sizzle's Entertainment Watch" which aired on the Winnipeg Public Access channel in 1992."

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Councilman seems to think he owns public lakefront area by his house

Ed Sienkiewicz is a councilman in Wolverine Lake, Michigan. Ed gets mad at people using the public lake access road by his house. A couple of years back, a local reporter put together this funny sting, getting secret-camera footage of Ed's bullshit—and the modifications made to the public area to make it as uninviting as possible.

Fox 2 Detroit:

Kassie lives a few houses down from the lake. She says Ed has been keeping her and her nieghbors out of the water using intimidation and dirty tricks. His latest is a barrier of cat tails in the water.

"This has been going on for years and he'll create one obstacle after another after another to make sure people don't go down there," Kassie said. photo

Another neighbor, Pete, has been feuding with Ed for 30 years. He says Ed has parked his work vehicles to block him off the lake, planted trees, and even placed rocks in the water. Ed's antics have raised some eyebrows on the council, but somehow, Mr. Councilman always seems to come out on top.

Following Fox's report, Sienkiewicz reportedly had some thoughts of his own, but they have sadly been taken offline. He was reportedly censured by his fellow councilors shortly thereafter. He remains a councilor in 2018, according to the village's website. Read the rest

Court orders venture capital billionaire to restore access to public beach

Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla must open access to a public beach that he'd closed for private use, says a California court.

From The Guardian:

Khosla’s refusal to restore access has made him something of a symbol of the immense wealth in the tech industry and rising income inequality in the region.

Last year, his attorneys claimed that he would open the gate to the beach only if the government paid him $30m, an amount that state officials said was unreasonably high. In October, Khosla also sued two state agencies, accusing the government of using “coercion and harassment” to infringe on his private property rights.

The California coastal commission, established by voters in 1972 to protect public use of the coast, has reported that beachgoers have increasingly complained about private security guards telling them they are trespassing on private property and forcing them to leave the public beaches.

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