Gentleman punishes recalcitrant bicycle

I’m glad this silly bike took what it deserved from r/IdiotsFightingThings

This grim fellow has no patience for machines that aim to make sport of him. As a bonus, he almost removes a pedestrian's ear with the trusty machete he keeps in a sheath to inflict well-deserved punishment on his disobedient velocipede. Read the rest

Good tip for drawstring sweatpants

This looks like a good way to keep drawstrings from disappearing, as is their wont. Read the rest

Building collapses, taking demolishing equipment down with it

A building decided not to go down without a fight. It's a textbook example of Resistentialism ("seemingly spiteful behavior manifested by inanimate objects".

Image: LiveLeak Read the rest

Ten minutes of collapsing water towers

As an antidote to the madness and mayhem I subjected you all to with my idiots with chainsaws post, here is ten minutes of controlled demolition of decommissioned water towers.

This is a great example of professionals knowing what they're doing as these demolition engineers land the towers between buildings, next to parked cars, etc. So many amazing things here: the crunching, booming sounds of the crashes, the great, billowing clouds of rust that plume from the tanks as they crack open, the grace (or not) of the descents. Read the rest

Even though they raised the canopener bridge, it's still claiming victims

The infamous 11-f00t-8 bridge of Durham, North Carolina has damaged hundreds of trucks that are too tall to pass under it without getting their tops sheared off. Late last year, the city raised the bridge 8 inches over the objections of 11-foot-8 fans who enjoy watching videos of inattentive truck drivers who don't pay heed to the warning signs. It looks like their concerns were unwarranted, however, as the bridge is already claiming new victims. The latest is the driver of a Penske truck that was barely an inch too tall for the bridge.

Image: YouTube screenshot Read the rest

A worker drops a bunch of roofing material while a crowd hoots with amusment

How would you like to take on a dangerous and difficult task in front of an audience who hopes you fail? That's what happened to this poor chap in Staroshcherbinovskaya, Russia who was on the roof of a slope-roofed building with a bundle of uncooperative roofing sheets. Read the rest

This is what happens when movie props don't work as intended

I think this vase was supposed to shatter on the floor, but it bounced and shattered on a fellow's head.

Image: YouTube

[via Likecool] Read the rest

Giant rolling rock almost crushes man

A large boulder on Mt. Spantik in Pakistan tried to kill a man, but missed by an inch or two (that's 2.54cm or 5.08cm for our non-US readers).

Image: YouTube Read the rest

Woman fights hot tub cover on a windy day

Resistentialism is a theory to describe "seemingly spiteful behavior manifested by inanimate objects," where objects that cause problems (like lost keys or a runaway bouncy ball) are said to exhibit a high degree of malice toward humans. [Wikipedia]

Read the rest

Carpenter shows how to raise a roof, roof doesn't cooperate

I don't doubt this guy knows what he's doing. But every once in awhile, non-living things like to show living things who is really in charge. Read the rest

Refrigerator stuffed with explosives' final act of defiance against sharpshooter

Closely matched in intelligence, a man and a refrigerator filled with explosives face each other on the battleground in a fight to the death. Only one can survive. Read the rest

Tire seems intent on attacking human

This malicious tire is a more terrifying than Rover.

[via] Read the rest

Stubborn tree stump exacts revenge on would-be uprooter

I thought maybe the trailer hitch was going to break off, but the tree had a sneakier form of payback in mind. Read the rest

Train door snaps shut

These folks don't seem the least bit flustered with this guillotine train door. Read the rest

Man accidentally launches carbonated beverage bottle

Watch what happens when this gentleman throws a carbonated beverage bottle on the concrete.

Wait for it...

See also: Read the rest

Video of people accidentally breaking things

I don't like watching fail videos where people get injured. But this video focuses mainly on people accidentally breaking things, from water pitchers to giant signs on the freeway. Read the rest

A tall smokestack collapsed on an excavator, and a drone filmed it

This 115-year-old smokestack in Pell City, Alabama didn't go down without a fight. The 158-foot chimney survived two attempts to demolish it with explosives. That's when Tim Phifer was brought in to knock it over with an excavator. But in a final throe of resistentialism, the smokestack decided to collapse on the backhoe burying it in 2.6 million pounds of rubble. Fortunately, Mr. Phifer survived the attempt on his life. Read the rest

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