1961 psychiatric interview with a schizophrenic

I've watched this video twice because it is fascinating, both for the subject and for the aesthetics. This young man is being interviewed about why he was admitted to a mental hospital. He says it is because of the way he stands and the way he plays piano. He is obviously suffering greatly. The colors of the film, and the lighting on his face are striking, too, which I know isn't the point of the film, but they sure did a great job producing it. I would like to see the other videos in the series.

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TheSoothsayer 42

This man was my uncle. I'm not going to give any names, but for those of you who are concerned with how things turned out for him, not well. There's so much to address here. First let me say that he was being treated in this video with meds. Without the medication his mood ranged from complete delusion to catatonic. As for being gay, I don't think he had much of a sex drive at all. With or without meds. As for the idea that he was put here because he was gay by some unloving family, that's ridiculous. I don't have time to say all the things my family tried just to make his existence somewhat peaceful just for his own sake. My family had a couple of openly homosexual and lesbians in it even back in the sixties and with the exception of my mother's father no one gave a shit.

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Genetic links between creativity, schizophrenia, and autism

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