Jon Stewart's epic Twitter-war with Donald Trump

Speaking at the Stand Up For Heroes event, Jon Stewart tells the story of how Donald Trump went on an anti-Semitic tear, repeating over and over that Stewart's birth surname was Leibowitz, implying that he'd changed it to disguise his Jewish ancestry. Read the rest

Jon Stewart and Colbert team up for one more Daily Show special on the RNC

I don't think Stewart's ever been in finer form, and his "I've been living in a cave"/Transmet schtick plays well with Colbert's own persona. Read the rest

First order of business for hard-right government: canceling Croatia's answer to The Daily Show

Marko Rakar writes, "The TV show 'Montirani Proces' is a popular show very much like "The Daily Show" and the crew which creates it is very much like The Onion. They have produced six episodes of their show for Croatian National Television, seventh was supposed to air this Sunday." Read the rest

Viacom punishes Internet to get at DirecTV, yanks Daily Show offline

Viacom and DirecTV are fueding over which Viacom channels will be carried on DirecTV's service. DirecTV has nuked Viacom's channels. In retaliation, Viacom has removed The Daily Show from the Internet. Which is not owned by DirecTV. But a lot of DirecTV customers use the Internet, so maybe they'll complain to DirecTV and participate in Viacom's profit-maximization strategy.

DirecTV doesn’t want to pay that much, and as a result, has dropped all Viacom programming, which includes Comedy Central (No Jon Stewart!), MTV, Nickelodeon and others from its customers' TV options.

So, in a tit-for-tat move, Viacom is now trying to get fans of its content to pressure DirecTV into calling the satellite provider by removing free episodes online, including "Jersey Shore" and "The Daily Show."

Public Knowledge, a public advocacy group, has called this move "unprecedented."

"Viacom has decided to take a service away from all Internet users in its attempt to punish DirecTV," wrote John Bergmayer, senior staff attorney, on the organization’s website on Wednesday.

Viacom pulls "The Daily Show" offline as a result of contract dispute Read the rest

Jane Goodall and Jon Stewart hug like chimps

Last night's Jane Goodall Daily Show appearance started with a warm, chimp-style greeting.

Jane Goodall made her second appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, and the first order of business was to make sure Jon Stewart remembered the proper chimp greeting. And then she talked about the new documentary from Disney, Chimpanzee. As you can imagine, all of this was fascinating and adorable.

Jane Goodall Was On The Daily Show Last Night and Chimp-Greeted Jon Stewart [Video] Read the rest

Jon Stewart on the Supreme Court's decision to allow strip searches for any arrest

Here's Jon Stewart at his acerbic best, commenting on the Supreme Court's decision to allow strip searches for any arrest. Contains this pearl of wisdom: "[The conservatives on the court are] the 'defending personal liberty guys.' Which is weird because I'm not a constitutional scholar, but I'm willing to bet Big Government feels its biggest when it's inside your anus."

CourtCenter (via Wil Wheaton) Read the rest

Daily Show's Kristen Schaal on GOP attack on women's reproductive rights

Here's a transcript of some of Kristen Schaal's Daily Show routine on the current mandatory transvaginal ultrasound disgrace and the national attack on women's reproductive rights:

I just flew in from Virginia, and boy is my vagina tired! From the involuntary ultrasound wanding — AM I RIGHT, LADIES? (Beat.) And by the way, why do they call it a ‘wand’? Where are we — Hogwarts? The only thing magically disappearing was my dignity and privacy, BOOM!!!

…What’s the difference between a fertilized egg; a corporation; and a woman? (Beat.) One of them isn’t considered a person in Oklahoma! BOOM!!!

— KRISTEN SCHAAL, on The Daily Show

(via Beth Pratt) Read the rest

Jon Stewart on Fox's response to Warren Buffett's "socialism"


Jon Stewart is in fine form in these clips in which he highlights the absurdity of Fox's headless-chicken impression in the wake of Warren Buffet stating the fact that there's something weird when billionaire contribute smaller proportions of their wealth to the upkeep of society than their cleaning ladies. I swear, I don't know why they air The Daily Show at night: I love it first thing in the morning, just the tonic to ginger up the blood.

Daily Show: FOX News Class Warfare: $700 Billion From Rich or Poor?

(via Reddit) Read the rest

Daily Show episode yanked from UK TV because Brit law prohibits using Parliamentary footage in satire

Graham Linehan (co-creator of such beloved TV as Father Ted and The IT Crowd) asked Channel 4 why they hadn't aired the most recent Daily Show in the UK, given that the episode deals with the News of the World scandal. The answer he got floored him: as it is against the law in the UK to use Parliamentary footage for satirical purposes, the Daily Show episode in question couldn't be aired here.

The issue is Parliamentary Copyright, a weird concept in UK law that gives Parliament (not the public) ownership over its publications, utterances, and so on. Parliamentary copyright means that it's illegal to print books containing complete records of Parliament without Parliament's permission (contrast this with the US, where anything produced by the federal government is presumptively in the public domain, belonging to all people).

We tend to think of Parliamentary Copyright as a kind of innocuous peccadillo -- after all, the Clerk of Parliament gave a license (retroactively) to the activists who made They Work For You, the best-of-breed Parliamentary tracker and activist tool. But this shows what happens when politicians, and not the people, own the record of government: Britons are denied access to commentary on their national news because there's no way an American TV show will know or care enough about Parliamentary Copyright to get a license to use clips in its shows in case the shows are exported to the UK.

Get a load of this ridiculous thing I found the fuck out last night Read the rest