The century-long fight over how turtles evolved to have shells

Turtles were at the center of a hundred-year evolutionary controversy since the 1887 discovery of a Proganochelys fossil in Germany. AS PBS Eons explains, the question of how turtles got their shells led scientists "to rethink the entire history of reptile evolution." Read the rest

Enjoy this video of the fabulously weird snake-necked turtle

Shot at a zoo in Costa Rica, this footage gives a little glimpse into the hypnotic spectator sport that watching these little guys could be. You could pick up your Walmart bong, catch a flight to the zoo, park yourself in front of the tank, and have a real nice afternoon. Read the rest

Man disguises turtle as hamburger for plane trip

A man apparently tried to smuggle his pet turtle on a China Southern Airlines flight by disguising it as a hamburger. Airport screeners noted the legs protruding from the bun. “There’s no turtle in there, just a hamburger,” the man reportedly insisted. “There’s nothing special to see inside.” (South China Morning Post)

The image above is not the pet turtle but rather a real fake turtle burger. Recipe available here. Read the rest

Wee Turtle vs. Raspberry (VIDEO)


No berry is safe from Peanut the turtlet. Read the rest

The plight of the homeless turtle

Psst, kid. You want to see a shell-less turtle? Read the rest