Enjoy a little ultraviolence with Jack White's NSFW funky Corporation video

With a great guitar riff and a video as stylized as it is violent, "Corporation" will leave you guessing right up to the last funky chord. Read the rest

The sanitized "more killing, less gore" world of PG-13 remakes

Our standards betray us, leading to action movies (particularly remakes of Paul Verhoeven's) which "trade subversive carnage for sanitized violence that asks fewer moral questions." James Orbesen:

"Research has shown that depicted violence does not necessarily lead to real-world violence. But depicted violence can say a lot about the appetites and attitudes of audiences. The Verhoven approach—bloody, unsettling, and confrontational—seems more and more like a relic. What people want now is violence that is clean and quick, provoking no questions." Read the rest

School safety officer throws student down flight of stairs

[Update: video removed.] This Chicago public school security guard was reportedly suspended after pushing a students down a flight of stairs. Damn! [via Sky News] Read the rest

Greek politician punches female rival on TV chat show

Ilias Kasidiaris, freshly elected politician for Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party, was not in top rhetorical form during a TV debate with a left-wing rival. But he still had his fists! After hurling water over her, he then punched another female political rival in the face and ran off. A warrant was subsequently issued for his arrest. [Irish Times] Read the rest

Bloomberg's amazing -- and rejected -- Mitt Romney cover

It's not hard to see why Bloomberg Businessweek chose not to run with this remarkable illustration of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The creative director is Richard Turley; the rest of the design crew follows:

Creative Director: Richard Turley Design Director: Cynthia Hoffman Graphic Director: Jennifer Daniel Graphics Editor: Kenton Powell, Evan Applegate Director of Photography: David Carthas Art Director: Robert Vargas Designers: Maayan Pearl, Lee Wilson, Chandra Illick and Shawn Hasto Design Manager: Emily Anton

Compare to NYMag's latest cover, which uses the same theme, but is so crudely, cartoonishly photoshopped that it lacks the Bloomberg image's bloody impact.

[via Cover Junkie] Read the rest

Leaking secrets, leaking blood

The news arrives with disturbing regularity: 72 bodies found, a federal policeman killed, 4 men decapitated and hung from a bridge, 19 corpses found, 33 men executed, a massacre at a La Quinta Inn, Girl Assassin Squad Discovered. This isn't news from Baghdad, it's a single week of headlines from Blog Del Narco, Mexico's rawest source of news on the ultraviolence engulfing the country. The anonymous author agreed to a interview.