Pooh vs Alien: Webcomics realize their full potential at last

Giant Hamburger's Alien Vs Pooh: as dark and twisted and funny as you'd hope. Be sure to read to at least "Strangely terrible dreams." And then keep reading.

Alien Vs Pooh (via Warren Ellis)


  1. I’d prefer to keep some childhood memories intact and unsullied thankyou. The Starwars prequels did quite enough damage. Plus I like Alien and Aliens as they are.

  2. Here’s the question nobody is asking…

    Where the hell was Christopher Robin to stop all this mayhem?!

  3. I think it’s terribly boring to see another no-talent artist with a rambling, barely engaging narrative who thinks they can get by on cognitive dissonance and effing around with some cultural artifact. It’s boring, tedious and utterly devoid of imagination or skill. Other than that, it’s fine.

      1. I did, I suffered through the whole, terrible thing, and the only funny moment was Tigger. It was poorly drawn, callous, dull and lacking even in shock value. I’m sick of this zombies-and-pride-and-prejudice meme and all the derivative dross it spawns. Quality, it’s not just for Internet routers.

  4. Bizarrely amusing.
    Painfully slow to load each page though. Probably under heavy load due being linked from here, but it might help if they’d bothered to optimise their jpeg file sizes. They could easily be reduced by ~1/3 without any visible difference simply by reducing the quality setting down from 94 to 85. The author has no obvious method of contacting them (that doesn’t require signing up to social network thing) to tell them this though. Maybe they’ll spot the high traffic from here and read this.

  5. As Dorothy Parker said, in (mistaken) response to the original: “Tonstant Weader fwowed up.”

    The concept might have had possibilities. But there’s nothing like a good parody, and this is nothing like a good parody.

  6. I like the book cover. It goes downhill from there. If you want Alien webcomics, you can’t go wrong with “Alien Loves Predator” (at the obvious dot-com). Start at the beginning.

  7. That’s pure brilliance.

    “I guess if it’s not too much trouble, somebody should come down here and kill me,” Eeyore muttered to no in in particular.

  8. Hey, Theres that part where some..Scorpion lands on poohs back and little bugs come out of it and eat piglets face…

    Anyone can tell me whats the source there?
    I dont remember such thing from alien or predator….


    1. That might refer to the first season, second batch of Star Trek Next Generation, where pill bugs latch onto Starfleet Admirals’ backs, take over their minds, and explode out of them. All in downtown San Francisco with medical scanners everywhere…

  9. Can someone please explain why this randomly becomes Pooh v. Preditor? That just made it worse.

    I give it a thumbs-sideways. In the end, you’ll probably want your 10 minutes back.

  10. I would have liked this much more if the artist had actually put some effort into appropriating E. H. Shepard’s line work. As it stands it just looks terribly lazy.

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