Robin Cooper Urdu talk show phone prank: "My only friend"


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  1. JasonsRobot says:

    It should read ‘attempted prank’. Though it was intended to be a prank, it ended up coming off as a sweet exchange between two human beings.

  2. liamuk says:

    towards the end he says “let us all pray for this sister who-” and then it cuts off. I’d love to know what he was about to say.

    minor correction: the language he is speaking in is Urdu.

  3. Anonymous says:

    that is not Arabic , its Urdu the language widely used in Pakistan

  4. jennybean42 says:

    I have a feeling he knew a lot more English than he was letting on. He was getting 1.50/minute for the call, afterall…

  5. George Curious says:

    Urdu talk show phone prank=my favorite new hipster indie band name.

  6. invisibelle says:

    Bummer, I tried to post a rough translation on the original site, but their comment form seems to be broken. So I’m putting it here instead:

    Beginning: (unintelligible), at this time we’ll go to the line. Tell us who you are, where you’re from, and your request… salaam alaikum – (robert answers, hello there how are you etc.).. alhamdullilah…
    @0:33: Thank you very much.
    @1:12: Can you hear me?
    @1:22: It seems like your… (sounds like he was about to say your line disconnected)
    @1:39 Sitting with my sister and doing [some other program] during the day, and now doing this program.

    Just as the video ends he starts to say “let’s pray for this sister, that…”

    I usually have the same blank look on my face if someone asks me a question like that in Hindi/Urdu… comprehension, but trouble remembering how to answer.

    The blinged-out outfit and Kenny G are pretty fabulous.

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