Robin Cooper Urdu talk show phone prank: "My only friend"


I think this video may be Robin Cooper's greatest phone call ever. I know I say that every time, but, still:

The host to this foreign language show seemed so friendly and kind. I just loved our complete 'non conversation', and the fact that somehow so much seemed to be understood by both of us despite all the long pauses. He also has just about the best stare I have ever seen.
You can follow the man behind the madness here on Twitter.


  1. It should read ‘attempted prank’. Though it was intended to be a prank, it ended up coming off as a sweet exchange between two human beings.

  2. towards the end he says “let us all pray for this sister who-” and then it cuts off. I’d love to know what he was about to say.

    minor correction: the language he is speaking in is Urdu.

  3. I have a feeling he knew a lot more English than he was letting on. He was getting 1.50/minute for the call, afterall…

  4. Bummer, I tried to post a rough translation on the original site, but their comment form seems to be broken. So I’m putting it here instead:

    Beginning: (unintelligible), at this time we’ll go to the line. Tell us who you are, where you’re from, and your request… salaam alaikum – (robert answers, hello there how are you etc.).. alhamdullilah…
    @0:33: Thank you very much.
    @1:12: Can you hear me?
    @1:22: It seems like your… (sounds like he was about to say your line disconnected)
    @1:39 Sitting with my sister and doing [some other program] during the day, and now doing this program.

    Just as the video ends he starts to say “let’s pray for this sister, that…”

    I usually have the same blank look on my face if someone asks me a question like that in Hindi/Urdu… comprehension, but trouble remembering how to answer.

    The blinged-out outfit and Kenny G are pretty fabulous.

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