Cupcakes made from Coke, Ruffles, Mountain Dew, Doritos, Cheerwine, and Nehi grape soda


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  1. Cowicide says:

    Why don’t they sell Cheerwine in Denver?  I used to love that stuff on occasion when I was a kid.

  2. WillieNelsonMandela says:

    Should have named it “4Diabetes Sweetshop” or “45-inchWaistline Sweetshop”.

  3. Jack Holmes says:

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  4. Guest says:

    Nothing says “I’m trash” like Cheerwine

  5. Adam Kaplan says:

    There’s a cupcake restaurant in Lincoln, NE, which sells Maple-Bacon cupcakes.  They taste like pancakes on Sunday morning…nom nom nom.

  6. Guest says:

    Nothing says “I am a proudly indigent Southerner” like Cheerwine

  7. Palomino says:

    It’s called a Campfire Double Dutch Dump Cake. 

    Campfire coals
    Dutch oven
    2 boxes of cake mix
    1 large can of peaches
    1 can of 7 up.

    DUMP: Fruit into the bottom of the Dutch Oven.
    SPREAD: cake mix evenly over fruit. 
    SPRINKLE;  7 up evenly over mixture.
    SURROUND:  Dutch Oven with coals.  

    Poke it with a stick if you want. Great for camping, more cobbler than cake. (My dad’s been making this since 1970, he found the recipe in a local newspaper.)

  8. Goorpy says:

    I ate at one of the 4 Rivers locations on my recent trip to WDW. It was absolutely delicious, through and through.

    I had the “Burnt Ends” platter, which (I didn’t know before reading their menu) is a mix of pulled pork and brisket. Wow.

    Back to the desserts: we shared a Krispy Kreme bread pudding. Deadly, but worth every bite.

    I can’t recommend trying this place enough. It’s good food, fast. The place is run like clockwork, so don’t get scared off by a line of 20-30 people. It’s about a minute per person, and worth the wait.

  9. Vladi DLR says:

    Wait a minute!…. Is’nt this what AJ and PP did on applebuck season?

  10. Yacko says:

    “The key secret to using soda in cakes is to create a syrup out of it; boil it and reduce to about 25 to 30 percent, until it’s nice and thick – you can use that in place of some of other liquid in the batter recipe.”

    Nothing like wasting energy. Is this urban maple syrup? Why not just use soda syrups in the first place? I know Hires Root Beer syrup is available in small bottles and there are plenty of clone soda syrups out there.

  11. Greymalken says:

    You guys are totally missing the point on what makes 4Rivers great: the BBQ!!! As an Orlando resident, I try to eat there as often as I can. My waistline hates me for it but the BBQ is just too damn good.

    I’ll have to try these confectionary timebombs next — if I’m still hungry after a couple o’ Texas Destroyers. . .

  12. Kit Just says:

    Here’s another recipe for using soda in cupcakes.  I’m not sure where I originally heard it but it’s a quick, easy, and lighter version.

    Mix one sugar free cake mix with one can of sugar free soda.  Good combinations are chocolate cake with diet cherry coke or yellow cake mix with diet sprite.  Bake the cake according to the time and temperature directions on the box.  It can also be used to make cupcakes.  It’s super easy and turns out amazingly well.  Plus it’s lighter than a traditional cake because there’s no oil or egg added and it works with a sugar free cake mix.

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