Breaded Cats


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  1. Brad H. says:

    When I do eat bread it’s usually in baguette form.

    I may have to katamari my cat.

  2. JIMWICh says:

    This reminds me of my late kitteh, Memphis.  He was a big loafer.

  3. Kibo says:

    You can still find lots of copies of this game with the original box art in clearance bins:

    (See the small print at the bottom)

    They did eventually change it, but I think at least half of all retail copies have the original cover. Once they fixed the spelling, sales plummeted because people really wanted that cat breading game.

  4. Their feldspars says:

    Mine’s bearded.

  5. I like a lot of cat memes, but this one just creeps me out. I can tell that the cats are objectively fine, but I always feel like I’m looking at a poor kitty trapped inside a wall. 

  6. bagoombah says:

    These are inbread cats, get it?

  7. retepslluerb says:

    False advertising. That’s not bread, but some sponge-like substance.

  8. Petzl says:


  9. Adam Coe says:

    this would only get better if you then dunked your cat+bread in some milk and eggs, and make toast au chat. or you could ditch the cat entirely and get a real pet.

  10. scruss says:

    I blame the toxoplasmosis

  11. Kevin Pierce says:

    They all have the same “Mommy, my braids are too tight” expression.

  12. R. Stevens says:

    Xeni, you find the best shit.

  13. calime says:

    Honestly, this meme makes me uncomfortable on several levels.  First,  while I’m sure most cats view it only as a mild annoyance, really, why?? Second – and more important – IMHO this promotes the worst consumerist attitude towards food and wasting food. Coming from a background and childhood where it was strongly believed that one should respect food and never waste it, and in light of a smaller fraction of humanity in more developed countries wasting more than they can eat and a much bigger fraction of the world’s population not having enough….it is irresponsible, bad taste and silly (and not in a good way).

    • RedShirt77 says:

       Isn’t just having cats an enormous “waste” of food resources?  like 100,000 times all the bread ever used to decorate their heads? or popcorn strung on our Christmas trees.

      And maybe most people use stale bread… and don’t ear croutons.

      • Kahlia says:

        Or they toast and eat the bread afterwards. .

        I suppose if we all started eating cats, they would go from wasting resources to becoming nutritional resources.

        Or.. If we improved the distribution of food worldwide, a little wasted bread would be of no issue. There is plenty of food in the world to feed everyone. The main issue is distribution of resources.

    • MetalPorkchop says:

      I always think that too when I see food being wasted, even in movies.  When I was a kid, we were never hungry, but some of the people around us weren’t so lucky.  Plus I’d hear stories from the elderly about the hardships and lack of food during and following the wars, how sometimes kids would wander around and look for scraps.  It makes me nuts how much food is wasted in supermarkets and restaurants, and especially when people load up their plates and then eat half.  Knowing that, even today, so many people die from malnutrition and lack of clean drinking water, and then seeing others be picky and complaining while sipping on their plastic water bottles, makes me sad.  A few months ago I was in a check out line, and the guy in front of me (late 40′s) turned around and started bitching about poor customer service, because there were 2 people in front of him and only one cashier open and he had to wait.  He was expecting me to agree, but instead I told him that where I grew up, we had to use food stamps, because food was rationed based on the size of your family, and we had to wait in line ups, sometimes for hours at a time, only to find out that, for ex., they had run out of toilet paper, so you’d waste 2 or 3 hours waiting, and didn’t even get what you wanted; it wasn’t even the nice white kind of tp that most people know and take for granted.  In this store we were at, the shelves are stocked, you go in, get what you want, maybe wait 5 minutes, and then if you don’t like it, you can return it within 30 days plus they’re open 24 hours!!!  Bloody hell!  Needless to say, he turned back around and shut his trap, and for the short time I had to wait, I didn’t hear any more huffing.  I told my best friend the same thing last time we were in France waiting to check out in a supermarket, because she only shops at Whole Foods at home, where you never wait more than a couple of minutes.  I don’t get this mentality most people seem to have these days, that somehow the world revolves around them, and that they’re entitled to everything.  If only people stopped and thought about how lucky they are to have access to a world market, never mind the consequences of a lot of those items, such as plastic bottles.  If everyone smiled and appreciated more, imagine the possibilities.

      • taintofevil says:

        Thanks for your thoughts.  Next time I am on hold with Visa for half an hour because they have randomly disabled my credit card at a really inconvenient time, I will ponder the wonders of telephony and how lucky I am not to have scurvy, rather than curse the bastards who waste 400 hours of customer time every time they “downsize” a worker and give his salary to the CEO instead.

    • GrrrlRomeo says:

       huh. You must think the Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and Koreans are REALLY irresponsible then. They make paper out of rice and then draw on it…while there are people starving.

      You know what, the reason why Americans have so much dang bread is not because we have a lot of money, but because we have the right terrain and climate to grow fantastic amounts of wheat.

  14. RedShirt77 says:

    As a GFer, I am going to put some rice noodles on my Dog’s head.  

  15. GregS says:

    …how to make a cat hate you in one easy step…

  16. Kahlia says:

    Hilarious!! Check out a fully detailed “Cat Breading” tutorial.

  17. Dana Maynard says:

    If you don’t have a cat of your own to bread, not to worry! You can bread kitties in Bread That Cat, a new game on Addicting Games!

  18. igpajo says:

    I thought this was a Stephen Colbert creation.  The first time I saw it was on his show.—thank-you

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